Of course this is the most popular food on Instagram

Since the inception of Instagram, one type of picture has risen up to combat the swaths of selfies and the cavalcade of cat pictures: the foodstagram. Everything from burgers to cronuts to brunch (all the brunch foods, always) is subject to the whims of foodie Insta users searching for the prime angle and perfect filter to capture the essence of a meal they probably haven’t even touched yet.

So, yes, we’re collectively obsessed with shooting snapshots of our snacks. But what’s the most popular food to photograph and post? Well, Seventeen has the answer, and it’s pretty much what you’d expect, if you really think about it.

The reigning superstar of all foodstagrams is: Pizza! Always cheesy and ever- glorious, apparently people thinks it’s the most photogenic food, as well. So, how did the picturesque pie secure this honored spot?

Well, let’s just say it may not have been the most scientific study ever conducted. Headed by chef Alessio Mecozzi and public relations firm Klaus Davi, the Italian-led study miiiight have been a little partial to foods from its motherland. After all, sushi came in second and pasta in third, meaning that Italian food took two of the top spots in what was determined to be the most ‘grammed grub.

To discover the most popular fodder for these social media mavens, researchers looked at over 300 million pictures of food on Instagram — which we think would probably just make a person endlessly hungry. They discovered that 17 million of those had “#pizza” added to them, and so the crusted cuisine was crowned the victor.

Despite its Italian roots, the most pictures of pizza (6.1 percent) originated in New York. (Those of us who live there can attest that New Yorkers — both human and rat alike — have a special bond with our pizza pie.)

Now that we know that pizza is the most Instagrammed food, will people continue to revere it, or will some other food take amateur photographers by storm and unseat our cheesy king? Only time will tell. Now, for the really important question: Who wants to go in on a large margherita?

(Image via Instagram.)

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