These are the most popular dog names of 2015

Naming things is one of the greatest joys in life, but it can cause so much stress. A name is such a big part of identity! There are the little stresses, like what to name your blog or your WiFi. The saving grace of those is that is you can always change the name if it doesn’t feel right. But what about the big, permanent names, such as your new pup or your baby?

Well, it turns out that half of us give our dogs and babies the same names.

A recent survey by revealed 49 percent of pet owners gave their pup a human name this past year, and several of the top names are duplicates of the year’s top baby names. specializes in matching dog owners (or rather, dog parents) with dog care providers, such as dog sitters or walkers. The data was gathered from Rover’s database of more than 100,000 U.S.-based users, all of whom have their pets registered.

The top names for 2015 dog names are Max and Bella, which are also in the Top 100 for most popular baby names. It looks like Twilight still has a huge influence on our daily lives. Speaking of influence, Rover’s data also suggested that the current ’90s revival is definitely here to stay, as some of the more unique human names for pets included Tupac Shakur, Phoebe Bouffay, and Little Jerry Seinfeld.

Other creative pop culture names include Harry Pawter or Hairy Potter, Boba Fetch, and Chewbacca, which actually works as a dog’s name without any modification.

(image via Shutterstock)