This is the most popular birthday in the U.S.

Have you ever wondered on what day the most people are born? Well, now we know. According to Glamour, September 16th is the most popular birthday in the U.S. Happy Birthday, Virgos!

We know — of all the birth dates out there, why today of all days?! We’ll let you know in just a sec!

Amitabh Chandra, an economist, professor of public policy, and director of health policy research at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, came to the most-popular-birthday conclusion back in 2006, according to Refinery29.

He analyzed data from people born in the U.S. between January 1, 1973, and December 31, 1999, and discovered the largest number were born on September 16th.

Fascinating, huh?

As you probably know, astrology has to do with math, too, not just horoscopes and astrological symbols. And, for every degree of all the zodiac signs, there’s a Sabian Symbol, astrologer and psychic medium Jessica Lanyadoo explained to Glamour. This is where September 16th comes in, aka the day the Sun falls on the 23rd degree of Virgo.

“This degree is special — the Sabian Symbol for it is of a lion tamer displaying their skill — and indicates strength of character and a willingness to strive towards self-mastery, Lanyadoo said.

So, we don’t have to do too much math to determine that Virgos — including those born on September 16th — were conceived in December, around Christmas.

“During this time, most people get a break from work, a reminder to value one another, and the space to drop into the physical act of love (I know I’m talking about your parents doing it — sorry!), Lanyadoo said. “People are also inclined to more depression and loneliness during the holiday times, so it stands to reason that they find sexy ways to connect.

Makes perfect sense, right? If you’re wondering what some of the runners-up are, Chandra found that the most popular birth months for people born between January 1, 1973, and December 31, 1999 were July, August, and September, according to Refinery29.

On the other hand, the least common birthdays (not counting Leap Day, February 29th) were December 25th and January 1st. So it’s interesting those two dates may be popular when it comes to one being ~conceived~, but not for actual birthdays.

But, of course, whatever day you were born is special! Now, all this talk of birthdays is making us crave birthday cake, so if you’ll excuse us while we go find some…