It’s official: The most popular baby names of 2014 are…

The Social Security Administration has released its annual list of the most popular baby names, and the monikers that topped the list for 2014 aren’t too surprising. Of course, given the nature of this list (pointing out the names you’ve probably seen more than any other on birthing announcements during the previous year), the fact that the top names aren’t surprising isn’t surprising. Without further ado, the top girls’ and boys’ names of 2014 were…Emma and Noah!

Noah held the top spot for boys in 2013, as well, meaning anyone who named their son Noah should be prepared to put a last initial on all of his school supplies to keep them straight from the three other Noahs who are sure to be in his class. Emma, however, enjoyed a leap to the top of the list this year, dethroning Sophia, which reigned supreme last year. Here are the full lists:

After the birth of the British princess, we can expect to see Charlotte climb the list for 2015. That’s not just because she’s royalty — any celebrity affiliation will help a name climb in popularity. According to CEO Jennifer Moss, the most popular names are commonly pulled from pop culture.

“Since the Internet and since pop culture is so prevalent and in-your-face all the time now, parents are finding baby names from fiction, from television, from movies, from celebrities, most often,” she told PBS.

Whatever the inspiration, these names are adorable additions to the most popular names lists and we’re loving them (along with lots of other people, obviously). Welcome to the world, little Emmas and Noahs!

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