These were officially the most popular baby names of 2017, and there was so much celebrity inspo

Like anything else, baby names go in and out of fashion. If you were born in the ’90s, chances are you know more than a few Courtneys or Bradleys. And in 2018, it’s hard to imagine a kid being named Agnes or Eustace. Nowadays, you’re likely to meet a baby whose name starts with “Ad” or ends in “lee.” But if you were wondering what the most popular baby names of 2017 were, the numbers are in, and the results might sound surprisingly familiar.

Every year, the Social Security Administration tallies the top baby names and releases them to the public. The list for 2017, which was published today, May 11th, contains quite a few celebrity monikers. Emma was the top name for girls last year, the same year that Emma Watson played Belle in Beauty and the Beast and Emma Stone won an Oscar for La La Land. Meanwhile, the number one name for baby boys was Liam, and it’s possible that there might have been a few One Direction or Liam Hemsworth fans among parents.

These names have definitely surged in popularity over the past few years. According to the Social Security Administration, Emma was the 17th most popular name in 2000 before its takeover as number one starting in 2014. Meanwhile, Liam skyrocketed from the 140th most popular name in 2000 all the way to the top of the list last year.

Here are all of the most popular baby names of 2017.

Top 10 girls’ names:


1 Emma

We may know many Emmas, but did you know this English name comes from an old German word meaning “whole”?

2 Olivia

You might think of Olivia Pope from Scandal when you hear this name.

3 Ava

This name is the Hebrew form of “Eve.” The most famous Ava today is probably Ava DuVernay.

4 Isabella

This name means “devoted to God.”

5 Sophia

Sophia comes from the Greek word for “wisdom.”

6 Mia

This name derives from Latin and means “wished-for child.”

7 Charlotte

Princess Charlotte is one famous toddler that bears this name.

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8 Amelia

Amelias are “defenders” according to the meaning of their name.

9 Evelyn

This name means “wished-for child.”

10 Abigail

Abigail is a Hebrew name that means “the father’s joy.”

Top 10 boys’ names:

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1 Liam

This name means “helmet of will.”

2 Noah

Noah means “rest” or “comfort,” but we can’t help but think of Noah from The Notebook.

3 William

This timeless name has never gone out of style. We can’t hear this name without thinking of the royal family.

4 James

Another classic, James means “one who follows.”

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5 Logan

Wolverine’s real first name is Logan, so this name definitely sounds tough.

6 Benjamin

This name means “son of the right hand.”

7 Mason

A mason was traditionally a stoneworker, so giving your baby this name evokes strength.

8 Elijah

This name dates all the way back to Biblical times, so it will probably be around for a long time.

9 Oliver

In Norse, the name Oliver means “affectionate.”

10 Jacob

Jacob is another timeless option, although it’s not as popular as it was right after Twilight came out.

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There you have it! These were the top baby names last year. Now we just wonder which names will make the cut next year.

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