Most People Want to Try this One Sex Act Before They Die, New Survey Reveals

Yes, it's something you can do with your partner. And yes, it's totally normal to ask for it.

Most folks have a sexual fantasy or two they’d like to try before they die. As our sexual preferences evolve and we move past sex acts that were once considered taboo, there’s really no limit in terms of who, how, and when we bang. Since we only live once, we’ll get right to the point: in 2023, most of us want to peg someone, or be pegged.

That is, according to a recent survey conducted by The Stranger. The publication received responses from 3,600 people who did not hold back on the details when it came to answering questions about their sex lives.

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Everything from sex with a coworker, to opinions on sex work, deep dives into STIs, and how often they masturbate, was discussed. Those aged 26-35 (on the younger side of the Millennial adult spectrum) came in with the most responses, at about 40 percent of the respondee’s.

When posed with the question, “What is one sex act you want to accomplish before you die?” thousands of answers varied from orgies, to fisting, and of course, threesomes. One sex act seemed to stand out above the rest, however.

“Surprisingly, a fair number of people want to be pegged,” The Stranger noted in their survey results roundup. “And a fair number of people want to find someone to peg.”

One hilarious survey response included, “Peg a dude I kind of dislike,” taking revenge sex to whole new level. (Never heard of pegging? Here’s what it is.)

Interested in the art of peg, but not sure how to bring it up in the bedroom? Based on these responses, The Stranger advised, “If you want to get pegged or if you want to peg someone, just ask!! Chances are your partner will be into it!!”

When it comes to kink, pegging sounds great compared to what older generations might desire. The survey found that “nearly 17 percent of people aged 56-65 and 23 percent of people aged 66-75 said [peeing on someone, or being peed on,] sounded hot to them–the highest shares of any of the other age groups.”

This age demographic also ranked highest in terms of group sex; nearly 60 percent of those aged 56-65 admitted to having a threesome, compared to only 45 percent of those aged 26-35. I guess that’s something to look forward to in our golden years (along with golden showers?).

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