Instagram has officially crowned the most-liked photo of 2017

What did we do with our time before Instagram? We can hardly remember, to be honest, but we guess that it involved staring into space while waiting our turn at the doctor’s office. Like good social media addicts, we try to stay ahead of the curve. That’s why the most-liked Instagram photo of 2017 didn’t shock us one bit.

According to a press release from Instagram, Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement earned the top spot this year.

The image, posted allll the way back in February, depicts a very-pregnant Queen Bey wearing lingerie and sitting before a jaw-dropping floral arrangement, a sheer green veil that would make brides everywhere weep draped across her body. Her look is so iconic that one artist even turned it into a mural.

Behold (or should we say beyhold?!):

The photo has 11,180,410 “likes” as of press time, but it already made history months ago. As HelloGiggles previously reported, Bey’s photo earned the most likes of any Instagram post, period, less than one day after she posted it. That sure is tough to beat.

It also spawned an entire genre of copycat photos. Our favorite? This recreation by Eva Chen:

But let’s be real. There can only be one Queen Bey!

Although her photo earned the most love, Beyoncé is actually the fourth most popular celebrity on the platform overall, according to Instagram’s data. Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Cristiano Ronaldo round out the top four. Gomez also boasted the most-liked image of 2016 with almost seven million likes.

But really, who’s counting?

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