These are the most Instagrammed restaurants in the U.S.

Out of all the apps in the digital universe, Instagram is the one where you’re most likely to see a pic of someone’s delicious lunch. Which is probably the reason why Instagram just revealed its top ten most grammed eateries in the United States. And no one is surprised that the majority of places on the list are donut shops. (Because who doesn’t love a delicious and photogenic donut?)

Behold: the most Instagrammed restaurants.

10. California Donuts (Los Angeles)

Apparently California Donuts is enough to make anyone feel like a kid again with roots in the 80s and a midcentury look. But if that isn’t enough for you, a fair amount of their donuts feature cereal as the topping.

9. Voodoo Doughnut (Various locations)

  With their original and most well-known location in Portland, Oregon, Voodoo Doughnut is extremely Instagram-able, because of the crazy art that they turn their donuts into!

8. Perch (Los Angeles)

Aside from the awesome food that Perch offers, they also just so happen to be a rooftop bistro providing a view of the L.A. skyline.

7. Ladurée Soho (New York City)  

They have their macarons shipped in weekly from Paris. I don’t think anything more needs to be said.

6. The Frying Pan (NYC)

It’s a freaking seafood restaurant on a boat. Look at that food, that’s insane.

5. San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant (San Pedro, Calif.)  

Along with having the most famous shrimp tray, San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant is also the largest restaurant in all of California!

4. Dominique Ansel Bakery (NYC)

The Head Chef, Chef Dominique, received the Ordre du Merite Agricole from the French Minister this June, which is considered one of the highest honors for those that have made great contributions to their country. And Chef Dominique has done just that with these delicious-looking pastries.

3. Katz’s Delicatessen (NYC)

Home to the world’s greatest pastrami sandwich and also the location at which Meg Ryan had the best meal of her life.

2. Tao (Las Vegas, NYC)

Along with priding itself on being the best nightclub in Las Vegas, Tao has spectacular Asian cuisine that is bound to make your mouth water.

1. Café Du Monde (New Orleans) 

Drawing famous cliental like the Kardashians, the beignets at Café Du Monde are absolutely to die for.

Are you hungry now? Yup, us too.

(Images via Instagram)