Check this list to find the most Instagrammed place in your state

As if you didn’t already feel cliché enough posting that Valencia-filtered photo of this weekend’s delicious brunch plate, now there are some handy statistics to show just how often people in your home state are Instagramming exactly the same thing.

Busbud, a site that compares bus fares, recently released a ranking of what it says are the “most Instagrammed” locations in each U.S. state, as well as Canadian provinces and territories. The list is based on a combination of TripAdvisor and Instagram data — the site says it looked through TripAdvisor for some of the most popular sites in each region, then searched Instagram to see which locations produced the most hashtags.

National parks were the clear winner across multiple states, with Denali National Park (Alaska), the Grand Canyon (Arizona), Glacier National Park (Montana), Badlands National Park (South Dakota) and Yellowstone (Wyoming) the obvious winners of their respective states. Other states, including New Hampshire, West Virginia, Michigan, Vermont and Hawaii, also saw natural attractions draw the highest numbers of smartphone-toting photographers.

Baseball stadiums were another popular location, taking the top spots in Illinois (Wrigley Field), Maryland (Camden Yards), Massachusetts (Fenway Park) — and, a bit surprising, in Colorado (Coors Field), a state that doesn’t exactly suffer from lack of natural beauty.

Other top sites included:

  • beaches (Delaware, Florida, Maine, Oregon, South Carolina, Virginia)
  • zoos (Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island)
  • lakes (Alabama, Idaho, Minnesota, Missouri)
  • universities (Kansas, Mississippi)
  • tall pointy structures (Washington, New York)
  • loud streets full of drunk people (Lousiana, Nevada)
  • the White House (DC)
  • apparently scenic auto racetracks (Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, Texas)

There’s not really a scientific way to confirm any of this, but a quick Instagram search suggests they’re probably on the right track. #Disneyland, which was ranked first for California on the Busbud list, has been tagged in 8.47 million Instagram photos. At that volume, it’s hard to imagine anything else in the state — or the country — even comes close. The hashtag #grandcanyon has been used more than 983,000 times, the Empire State Building has appeared in more than 811,500 Instagram photos and Yellowstone has more than 411,000.

Instagram, which tracks the top geo-tagged locations for photos uploaded through its platform, found that Disneyland was the #1 most Instagrammed location in the world in 2014.

Personally, I can’t imagine anything more worthy of Insta love in my home state than the sanctified green walls of Fenway Park, so this all looks pretty accurate to me — although I’d love to hear someone explain how a casino is the most photogenic spot in the entire state of Connecticut.

[Image: via Flickr Creative Commons and Infographic: Busbud]

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