We finally know what the most googled jewelry in the world is, and it’s gorgeous

There is seriously nothing better than some nice pieces of jewelry. Sparkly, cute, and you get to change it with every outfit? We really can’t think of a more perfect accessory. That brings up the question, what is the piece of jewelry that everyone is most curious about? There are a lot of ways we could think of to figure this out. But lucky for us, we have Google to help us get to the bottom of this mystery. And with its infinite resources, Google has given us an answer that we’ve got to agree with. So without further ado:

The most Googled piece of jewelry is the Cartier Love Bangle!

According to a study put on by a company called Karus Chains, the Cartier Love Bangle gets over 350,000 searches a month!

This totally does not surprise us because Cartier is known for creating some seriously cute jewelry. Also, the fact that celebrities are known to wear it likely increases the likelihood that someone (probably us, honestly) would put in a Google search for “adorable bracelet that (fill-in-the-cool-female-celebrity) is wearing.”

And we have to agree! The Cartier Love Bangle is seriously so adorable!


It is totally understated and simple, but definitely goes with any outfit. We can see it being worn with a t-shirt and jeans as much as a beautiful red carpet worthy ball gown.



Unfortunately for us, the bangle is a couple thousand dollars (notice the study said “most Googled,” not “most purchased”!) But it is always fun to peak at jewelry and dream.

The runners up on this “most Googled” list include an engagement ring and a heart necklace from Tiffany’s, followed by Swarovski’s crystal earrings, which definitely leads us to believe this “most Googled” list is more about dream than reality.

But honestly, if we can’t dream about cute jewelry, what are we supposed to obsess about on Google?