These are the most-googled health symptoms in your state

We’ll be the first to admit that we sometimes self-diagnose with the help of Dr. Google. It’s not a great habit, but with endless amount of information at our disposal, how can we not? And we’re not alone. analyzed Google Trends to not only find out what health symptoms everyone seems to be googling, but organized it by state, revealing the most commonly searched symptoms by region.

"We started by digging up the most frequently searched symptoms of the past year on Google Trends," wrote in a post on their website on September 26th. "Next, we listed each symptom, along with similar symptoms, together. Finally, we ran them back through Google Trends to see which states had the highest search volume for each symptom."

The site notes that the symptoms’ search frequency does not have any relationship with the number of people actually afflicted with these symptoms. The map simply tells us who’s most concerned about what.

So, what symptoms are you and your neighbors Googling?

Alabama — Acid Reflux

Alaska — Snoring

Arizona — Morning Sickness

Arkansas — Fever

California — Sweaty Palms

Colorado — Insomnia

Connecticut — Stress

Delaware — Stuffy Nose

Florida — Nasal Congestion

Georgia — Nasal Congestion

Hawaii — Sore Throat

Idaho — Symptoms of E. coli

Illinois — Stress

Indiana — Uncircumcised Problems

Iowa — Stress

Kansas — Stress

Kentucky — Upper Back Pain

Louisiana — Chills

Maine — Night Sweats

Maryland — Stress

Massachusetts — Stress

Michigan — Stuffed Nose

Minnesota — Irritable

Mississippi — Gas

Missouri — Stress

Montana — Irritable

Nebraska — Signs of Low Testosterone

Nevada — Stomach Ache

New Hampshire — Bloating

New Jersey — Lucid Dreams

New Mexico — Flem (Phlegm)

New York — Loss of Sleep

North Carolina — Loss of Sleep

North Dakota — IBS Symptoms

Ohio — Paleness

Oklahoma — Flu Symptoms 2018

Oregon — Stress

Pennsylvania — Stress

Rhode Island — Lucid Dreams

South Carolina — Dark Green Stool

South Dakota — Headache Location Chart

Tennessee — Pregnancy Cravings

Texas — Nasal Congestion

Utah — Morning Sickness

Vermont — Sniffles

Virginia — Stress

Washington — Stomach Ache

West Virginia — Irritable

Wisconsin — Light Colored Poop

Wyoming — Stomach Ache

Remember, if you’re ever concerned about a particular symptom, it’s always best to visit your doctor. Google can only help so much.

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