Just Some of the Weirdest Burgers We’ve Ever Seen

If you haven’t heard, charcoal is the most “it” substance right now. Like, if you don’t have a charcoal mask or scrub yet, I don’t know who you are. Charcoal isn’t just making its trend debut in facial products—it’s turning up in food, too. Burgers from Burger King to be exact. The black burgers, which are now available for human consumption in Japan, are called “The Kuro Pearl,” and “The Kuro Diamond.” According to Buzzfeed, “the black color of the bun is achieved by using bamboo charcoal, and the black sauce is created with squid ink.” Charcoal, guys. Get on it.

The Kuro Pearl, from what I can tell, is a simple yet eloquent burger featuring black bun, black cheese, sauce, and bun.

The Kuro Diamond is loaded with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, and black cheese.

Since we’re simultaneously intrigued AND scared, we thought we might as well uncover the other strange burgers looming in the world and the Internet.

1. Dark Vador burger

Much like Kuro burger, the Dark Vador burger also had black buns. When Star Wars Phantom Menace came out, Quick, a French fast food chain released this equally-menacing burger because of Darth Vader—get it? Instead of charcoal, they just used dye. And they left the cheese alone, thank goodness.

2. Nutburger

If you like your burgers a little nutty, this creation hailing from Butte, Montana is just the thing. The only topping is crushed peanuts with mayo.

3. Cheeseburger in a can

It is truly the end of times, isn’t? A canned cheeseburger is actually available on the Internet. Like, you can buy that if you ever forget burgers not from a can exist. Or if the zombie apocalypse actually happens.

4. The spaghetti burger

FINALLY, someone has figured out that spaghetti and burgers are too good to be eaten separately. You can buy this at PYT in Philadelphia.

5. Burger ice cream

August 27th was National Burger Day (darn, I must have missed that). To celebrate, Sorbitium Ices created a BBQ-flavored ice cream, topped with strawberry sauce to mimic ketchup, pickles, and bacon.

6. Lasagna burger

Last week, I made cheeseburger casserole (it’s super good, don’t judge), so this creation is like any other night for me. But for those who can get past the noodle, bun, and marinara-sauce combination will probably find DudeFood’s burger very delicious.

7. Ghost burger

Kuma’s Corner in Chicago got in a teensy bit of trouble with the Catholic Church for this one: it’s called the “ghost” burger because it’s supposed to represent the blood of Christ (don’t worry, it was just wine reduction). Ya know, blasphemy aside, this doesn’t look too bad.

8. Les Hambur Gouts

Chalet Regain in France serves a very, very fancy burger. So fancy, you may not even know how to eat it. I mean, how cool would it be if those glasses were edible?

9. 1up Mushroom burger

Don’t worry, this bun didn’t use sea urchin to dye the bun (OR DID THEY), it’s just dyed green to celebrate that one video game from our childhood we cherish and will love forever—I’m talking about Super Mario Bros., hence the mushroom.

10. The Neil Armstrong Burger

Born from the mind of two French graphic designers who were “bored of random food at lunch,” according to Business Insider, this burger is one of many creations featured on their bizarre burger web project Fat & Furious. This space-age creation includes mushrooms, pears, cream cheese and coconut dust. Oh, and a little plastic astronaut and an American flag toothpick, of course.

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