Just a seriously beautiful song (and video) about breakups

Anthony D’Amato has come a long way from the DIY tracks he once recorded in an 18th century farmhouse in rural Maine.

He released his debut Down Wires in 2010, followed it up in 2012 with Paper Back Bones, and in 2014 the indie rock singer-songwriter graced us with his most gorgeous album yet — The Shipwreck from the Shore. Nestled in that gem of an album is one of the most heartbreaking songs we’ve ever heard.

“If It Don’t Work Out,” tells the tale of a relationship that has soured, and the the life lessons that follow.

“Sometimes the end of a relationship doesn’t line up perfectly with the end of the lease on the apartment you share” Anthony said in a statement. “I wrote this song as a note to myself about optimism and perspective. You can make all the plans you want, but the only time they’re going to stop changing and surprising you is once you’re dead, so you might as well embrace being alive and the weird adventures it brings your way while you can.”

“If It Don’t Work Out” holds a positive message about embracing life’s often agonizing journeys, but the song certainly strikes a chord with anyone who’s endured the pain of heartbreak.

The video’s talented animator, Léa Furnion, was particularly touched by the song. “When I heard the song for the first time, what struck me was the way Anthony’s words evoked images that spoke of a situation that everyone’s been through,” she said in a statement. “The song resonated with me and I thought about all the consequences of a break up and having to separate. Dividing up all the items that make a house a home.”

With lyrics like: “After all this time, it’s strange to think/ I could say her name and feel nothing.” Holding back tears proves to be rather challenging — but trust us — it’s worth a listen.

As said above, “If It Don’t Work Out” comes off of Anthony’s New West Records debut, The Shipwreck From The Shore. Recorded with members of Bon Iver, Megafuan and Josh Ritter’s band, Shipwreck boasts indie rock power like never before. We’re so thrilled to debut the gorgeous vid so please join us in wallowing in a little Monday morning heartbreak sadness.

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[Image via Anthony D’Amato]