The most attractive names, according to The Grade

When creating your profile on a dating app, you might spend hours crafting the perfect bio and editing the perfect picture, but according to recent statistics published by The Grade, potential matches might be swayed to swipe right by your name. The Grade, which works a lot like Tinder, observed which names were getting the most approving swipes, and found that a rose by any other name might not smell as sweet.

The top three women’s names that earned the most right swipes were Brianna, Erika, and Lexi. Briannas got right swiped 70% of the time, and, according to the study, are most likely to match up with people named Sean. “You’re invited to the wedding of Brianna and Sean,” does have a certain ring to it. Maybe it’s that almost-rhyme.

Meanwhile, the top three dude names were Brett, Tyler, and Corey. 24% of girls swiped right on the winning title, Brett, which is definitely a testament to how selective girls are when surveying potential matches. Apparently, Bretts are most likely to end up with gals named Jessica, a name that landed at #65 on the popular ladies’ names.

Here are the top ten “most attractive names.” You can check out the full lists on The Grade.

The Grade also examined whether or not people are more attracted to nicknames. Interestingly, it doesn’t seem to hurt men’s chances: there was a .10% difference between the amount of right swipes Michael got compared to Mike, and barely 1% separated Matt and Matthew. For girls, however, nicknames appear to be game changers. The name Rebecca received right swipes more than half the time, while Becky was right swiped a little over 20% of the time. Men preferred Sarah with an -h to Sara without one, but didn’t visibly differentiate between different spellings of Alison, Aly, Allie, or Ali.

So, if you’re not reaching right swipe goals on your dating app, feel free to blame your parents. Maybe think about legally changing your name to Brett.

(Images via Giphy and The Grade.)