This new nail trend is about to take over your Instagram feed

Insta-worthy nail art has truly evolved this year. The glitter tears manicure was a shiny sight to behold. Then, the wire nails trend blew up and we couldn’t decide if it was cool, creepy or both? Kim Kardashian sported a pierced nails look that proves pretty much anything goes when it comes to nails.

Mosaic glitter nails, which debuted at Naeem Khan’s Fall 2017 show, during New York Fashion Week, are the latest trend nail artists will obsess over. 

Celebrity artist Gina Edwards came up with this look and has a guide for how to create the look yourself. All you have to do is pick out your favorite colors plus favored nail art add-ons like crystals, glitter or foils.

Find inspiration for your nails with these mosaic glitter creations.

A bold mix of colors is just what your springtime manicure needs. Accent nails are a great way to start with this trend.

Geometric designs made of foil can create a modern or retro look depending on your color scheme and styling.

Add some serious mood to your nails with metallics against a shimmering black background.

Amp up that mood with a statement ring that complements your mosaic colors.

You don’t have to have a full mosaic glitter nail set to be on trend. Mix with other trends like matte, monochromatic or in this case, chrome.

While foil is a surefire way to accomplish this trend, you can also sprinkle sequins to “nail” the look. Pick your favorite mix of colors or opt for a theme, like this mermaid-inspired mani.

Whichever style you go for, the mosaic glitter trend is a guaranteed way to add an artistic pop to your outfit.