‘Mortal Instruments’ is becoming a TV show and we’re dream casting it

It feels like just YESTERDAY I was head-banging against the computer desk because author Cassandra Clare had written a blog post saying the Mortal Instruments movie had been in talks, but she didn’t know when it was getting made, if ever. Oh, the fan casting! The daydreaming! The INTENSE FANGIRLING. That was like 2008, guys, and now not only did we get our movie, we’re getting something that I would argue is even better: ABC Family has ordered a full 13 episodes of “Shadowhunters,” a series based off of The Mortal Instruments

Now that I have finished freaking out and calling everyone on my speed dial, I will tell you all of the reasons why this is amazing. Not to knock the movie, but it was just one movie. It hardly did justice to the epic-ness of its heroine. Clary Fray is a girl who has lived an ordinary life with her mother in New York until the day she finds out she is actually a descendent in a long line of Shadowhunters, or warriors that fight off demons and spirits humans can’t see on their plane. At the beginning of the novel her mother is kidnapped, leaving Clary to grapple with this mysterious heritage she knows nothing about and contend with the group of teen Shadowhunters she has stumbled into along the way (among them the jaded and handsome ~Jace Wayland~). There are heroics! Ancient magic! MORE FEELS THAN YOU CAN HANDLE. You can’t even scratch the surface of this trilogy with a movie, and now it’s getting 13 whole episodes, baby. 

Production starts in May, so odds are they are scrambling to cast the series now. Their ages will all be bumped a little bit so that Clary is eighteen rather than sixteen, so it’ll be interesting to see what kind of casting choices they’ll make for all of the characters involved. If anybody has any ideas of their own, hit me up, because I am so overwhelmed with joy that my brain is basically just a series of clapping emoticons. 

Here are some humans in my #DreamCast that I’ll rattle off the top of my (wildly excited) head, even though I’m sure this is a hundred percent not possible:

Liana Liberato as Clary

I’m semi-stalking (OK, fully stalking) her career and I fully believe she could capture Clary’s inherent passion, goodness, and occasional awkwardness.

Jacob Artist as Jace Wayland

OK, so he looks freaking adorable here, but he proved on Glee that he could totally do the angsty/brooding thing. Now, just give him angel powers. He’ll have free time now that the show’s wrapped up, right??

Hailee Steinfeld as Isabella Lightwood

There is no doubt this girl can kick some butt, and has the sassy chops to boot.  

Ki Hong Lee as Alec Lightwood

He did just play a teenager in The Maze Runner, so we can all just let the fact that he’s 28 slide, K? K. Besides, I think he’d do a great job of balancing the sensitivity and badassery of this character.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Simon Lewis

I promise I’m not just robbing the cast of The Maze Runner. He’s just adorkable and perfect. You could totally see this too, right? RIGHT?? I rest my case.

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