Here’s what the actresses who played Morgan Matthews on ‘Boy Meets World’ look like today

Remember Morgan Matthews? She was Cory and Eric Matthews’ little sister. Though she never had an existential crisis like Cory, and never got into silly situations like Eric, she was always hanging around the Matthews’ house, too. Now, with the Boy Meets World spin-off happening, Girl Meets World, why hasn’t Aunt Morgan stopped by for a visit yet?

Don’t worry, she’s coming. Supposedly, Morgan will show up in the Season 2 finale of Girl Meets World this year, but now the big question is which Morgan? Boy Meets World actually had two different Morgans during its run. One played little Morgan for Season 1 and 2, and then the second, older Morgan showed up in Season 3 and stayed until the end of the show. Both were adorable, charming, and often gave Cory a run for his money.

First Morgan, Lily Nicksay, looks exactly as how we remember her. She’s been working both on and off screen since her days as Morgan on Boy Meets World, and was just currently in the LA production of Last Train to Nibroc, and has a role in James Franco’s upcoming movie Killing Animals. We also got to recently see Nicksay when she reunited with the rest of the Boy Meets World cast for Entertainment Weekly’s annual Reunion Issue.

OK, now Second Morgan, Lindsay Ridgeway. Since ending her run as the youngest Matthews child, she’s stepped out of the acting spotlight and focused on her education instead. She got a degree in political science, and then her masters in counseling, so you go, Second Morgan. Ridgeway is also a pretty good singer, and is a semi-regular national anthem singer for both the LA’s hockey and baseball teams.

So which one of the two Morgans will be stopping by Girl Meets World later this season? Second Morgan, Ridgeway. According to her IMDB she’s show up in the 24th episode of this season, where both Eric (Will Friedle) and Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) are slated to appear, too, and we can’t wait.

While there might be two different Morgan Matthews out there, they both hold a very big place in our heart. Remember that time Morgan thought she killed Santa Clause? Still one of the best Boy Meets World episodes ever.

(Images via IMDB and Giphy.)