Here’s how Morgan Freeman got his incredible, gorgeous, baritone voice

When movies, TV shows, or just our inner monologues need a voice, we always turn to Morgan Freeman. The actor has a rich history of lending his deep, soothing vocals to a variety of projects, including our everyday commutes. When he stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Jimmy just had to know: how did he learn to speak like that?

“I don’t even know what you mean,” Morgan replied, as humble as ever. Jimmy pressed him further, and his answer (besides “I don’t know”) makes sense. While some of it definitely comes down to genetics, he also went to school for acting. There, he learned from a voice and diction instructor who, “was very good at his job.”

You can say that again. The instructor managed to hone the voice of one of the greatest actors of our time, the sound of whom is so instantly recognizable that he need do nothing else but speak and we’re impressed. However, he does so much more, and that’s what makes him a legend.