More Than Just a Trim

There is something cleansing about trimming the dead ends off your hair. They’re tangled constantly, brittle and eventually it gets so bad that you can’t even run your fingers through your hair or hold a style for more than five minutes. Ugh! But still a lot of us hold on to those ends because we “love the length” and change can be different and weird. “What if my hairdresser cuts off more than I wanted?” “What if I don’t really need a trim just yet?” “I could probably get by for another month…”

I’ve learned that trimming my hair is essential for me to have the healthy, shiny, jealousy-inducing tresses that I want. I can’t assume it will be different this time because I won’t blowdry my hair for a month or I’ll forgo color. Sure, I might delay the process. But if I truly want beautiful hair, at some point I have to get rid of the old and let a new shape take its place. And when I finally sit in that little black chair and hear the sound of scissors snipping, I relax. I sigh deeply and let myself feel the relief of knowing that things will be easier now. I might have to say goodbye to something I’ve gotten used to, but I will gain so much more for doing so. I’ll enjoy the feel of running my fingers through my hair without having them end up caught and tangled. My hair will look so amazing when it’s curled by showing off a bounce and volume that the weight of my old ends would have pulled out. And I’ll be happier knowing that I’m at my best with my hair care maintenance.

Yes, this is a very dramatic reminder to get your hair cut this year. But it’s so much more than that. It’s a reminder to be everything you want to be regardless of your own fear or expectations placed on you. To not let comfort keep you anywhere that you know you shouldn’t be. To let content with the ordinary be a habit of your past. To know when to keep fighting and when to step forward into something new. To not waste time building someone else’s dream when your own is calling. To let dead ends fall to the floor with relief and excitement.

I have finally decided to take my own advice. My dream is to combine my love for the beauty industry, fashion and the art of writing into one successful career. This year is the first year I will be pursuing this dream full-time. I’ll be behind the chair at Salon Denver three days a week taking care of my fabulous clients, spending one day a week writing this amazing column and content on my website, and spending all of my extra time consulting with brides and helping them plan their wedding day look. This kind of a schedule is so reflective of me and what I want my career to be focused on that no one else could have put it together for me. And I’m taking that as a sign that I truly am the only one who can build my dream career.

So, Gigglers, what big dreams are you going to follow this year? Are you going to trim the ends and let this be the year of confidence, health and motivation?

 Image Via Simplicity by Amanda Krystine