According to this new poll, more people would vote for Oprah over Trump

After Oprah gave a rousing speech at the 2018 Golden Globes on January 7th, Twitter called on her to run for president in the next election, with hashtags #Oprah2020 and #OprahforPresident trending. And although the billionaire has kept mum about whether or not a campaign is in the works, it seems that many voters would happily pick Oprah for president.

A new NPR/NewsHour/Marist Poll shows that if the 2020 election were held today and came down to Oprah vs. Donald Trump, 50 percent of voters would choose Oprah for president, while only 34 percent would choose Trump. That’s a significant 16-percent lead, but Oprah would have a hard time winning over Republicans. Although 91 percent of self-professed Democrats said they would vote for the talk show guru, only 8 percent of Republicans agreed.

But it seems most people would rather Oprah stick to acting. Her approval rating among potential voters is high at 64 percent, but 54 percent said she shouldn’t run for election.

Nevertheless, the poll’s results directly contradict Trump’s claims that he would be a stronger candidate than Oprah. On January 10th, the 45th president expressed the belief that he could beat Oprah in 2020, adding that he didn’t think she would actually run.

“Yeah, I’ll beat Oprah. Oprah would be a lot of fun,” he told reporters at a press conference.

Whether or not Oprah will run remains a mystery. In an interview after the Golden Globes, Oprah’s partner, Stedman Graham, told the Los Angeles Times that “she would absolutely do it.” Meanwhile, on CBS This Morning on January 9th, Oprah’s close friend Gayle King said Oprah was “intrigued by the idea” of a presidential run, although she admitted the billionaire was not seriously thinking about it.

We would definitely support an Oprah candidacy, but we’d also like to see a political insider run. Regardless of what Oprah ultimately decides, we can all agree that she has had a remarkable influence on the country. And even if Oprah doesn’t become president, there’s no doubt that she’ll continue to do great things.

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