Netflix just dropped a few more minutes of ‘OITNB.’ We’ll take it.

There are a few things we will never turn down, like more coffee, more pizza, and more Orange is the New Black. And now, because Netflix loves us, they’ve given us a little bit more of the latter (and if they start giving us actual coffee and pizza, too, no one will ever see us again because we’ll never leave the house).

OR perhaps we will leave the house, because we can take Netflix with us on-the-go via our smartphones and tablets. Netflix wants to remind us of its mobility, and dropped a brand new short OITNB video. What are the ladies of Litchfield up to today? Oh, just finding a random iPhone and unlocking the powers of Siri.

In the newly released video, Taystee and Crazy Eyes Suzanne find an iPhone in their bunk, and are SHOCKED to see how technology has developed during their years on the inside. They’re also fascinated by Siri, so they’re like us three years ago and it’s hilarious. They start asking all the tough questions, like “Siri, what is love?”

However, their conversation, and Siri’s beeping, attract the attention of that new correctional officer (who looks like Benji in Pitch Perfect, RIGHT?). Good thing Taystee and Suzanne are skilled at playing it cool. All the beeps are just them practicing for their drama class, of course!

Check out the video below, and if you want to drop any more OITNB updates on us, Netflix, we’ll be waiting for them.

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