We have a liiiiitle more info about the ‘Gilmore Girls’ reboot!

Gilmore Girls is coming back into our lives for REAL, with NEW EPISODES, and we can’t stop smiling about it. So go ahead, and give yourself a pat on the back, because we made this happen together. We begged for it, we pleaded for it, we watched their reunion panel at ATX a hundred times, and we successfully completed a huge binge of every GG episode on Netflix — and Netflix must have noticed, because they’re the ones behind this reboot. THANKS, NETFLIX!

Details about the new reboot are still scarce, but the important things to know are that it’ll be run by the dream team Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino, and right now the cast is in negotiation to return. There’s another thing we now know, and this one is a little bit odd for a TV show. Instead of 45-60 minute episodes, it’ll have four 90-minute episodes, or four mini Gilmore Girl movies—however you want to think about it. Either way, we think it’s great.

There’s apparently a reason for this format, and it’s actually pretty awesome. According to TVLine (who’s on point about everything Lorelai and Rory right now), the four episodes will each focus on one specific season in Stars Hollow. We’ll have one episode solely focused on Spring, then another on Summer, then Fall and finally Winter. These four episodes will take place over the course of one year, and will pick up present day.

This is good. This might be better than a 13-episode season. WHY? Think about how great those 90-minute Sherlock episodes are, and how they really give the characters space to breathe — and we know Lorelai and Rory need to take deep breaths because they’re talkingsofast. These episodes will also give us plenty of time to catch up with all the characters, instead of quickly rushing through them as we binge episode after episode. This also means each episode can feature a completely new town festival (and/or quarterly town meeting).

Besides, four 90-minute episodes still means six hours of brand new Gilmore Girls. This is our dream. And the dream is alive!

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