The internet is demanding more Evan Peters next season on “American Horror Story” and we agree

Season 6 of American Horror Story is over, and depending on your feelings regarding the season finale, maybe you’re happy, maybe you’re sad, or maybe you’re just like hella confused. However you feel about how the events of American Horror Story: Roanoke wrapped up, we can all together agree on one thing: Season 7 of American Horror Story needs to include 200% more Evan Peters.

The long-time AHS cast member was billed as a main cast member for this whole season, yet he showed up in three episodes, and even THEN he was barely even the focal point of the episode. He was just sort of ~there~ and then no sooner had he showed up, he was dead. AHS sure likes to kill off Evan’s characters, but this just felt extreme. And cruel. And we wanted more of Evan not being dead on TV. And quite frankly, we just miss Evan’s face on TV, you know?

While the finale has certainly left fans divided, at least we’re all in agreement over Evan Peters.



And sometimes the cold, hard AHS truth about Evan Peters hits you hard:

Goodbye, Season 6 of American Horror Story. May Season 7 simply be titled “American Horror Story: Evan Peters.”