Here’s What Your Moon Sign Means, According to an Astrologer

Are you a sensitive soul or an impulsive decision-maker? You can blame this part of your chart.

Today is National Moon Day.

If you’re an avid horoscope reader but haven’t taken a second to understand your birth chart, you’re seriously missing out. Your zodiac sign (also known as your sun sign) is only one piece of a much larger puzzle, and if you’ve ever felt that you don’t fully identify with the traits attributed to your zodiac sign, that could have a lot do with the other positions of the planets in your chart. For instance, knowing your moon sign and how it might impact your personality can give you a much different view of who you are, astrologically speaking.

But if you’re unsure of why the moon sign is important to know in the first place, it represents our emotions on an astrological level, as well as our memories and the relationship with the maternal influences in our lives. It will chart and control the emotional reactions that we give to others. On an earthy level, however, the moon controls the water and tides of the ocean. All living things are composed of 60% water, which means that their sign placement can affect us on a deep level. 

Because the moon changes signs every 2.5 days, many people born under the same sun sign will have a different moon sign. This means that even though you may have the same willful attitude, depending on your sun sign, your emotional responses will totally be different.

But if you’re still in the dark about what your moon sign is—pun intended—Cafe Astrology can give you more insight into your birth chart overall. Once you know what your moon sign is, as the resident astrologer for HelloGiggles, I provided a guide below to find out what it says about you emotionally.


Passionate by nature, the Aries moon native is impulsive and decisive. The caveat is that decisions made by an Aries moon may be made in haste, creating issues in the future. Therefore, it is best for an Aries moon person to simmer down before making impromptu emotional choices.


The moon in Taurus requires a lot of tenderness and love in how they receive and give their sentiments. The moon is in its best placement in Taurus, as it is the eat, drink, and be merry place in which emotions and desires can grow. Love can only get deeper.


When the moon is in Gemini, it dictates a person who is extremely emotionally vocal about their sentiments and never leaves a text unanswered (or “on read”). They will always want to chat and discuss what’s on their mind and in their hearts with friends, lovers, partners, and family members.


A Cancer moon placement dictates an emotionally mature person who will always give their time and energy freely to others who are in need of a helping hand. Nostalgia and family ties run deep with this lunar placement, which is why they’ll always give to those they have a history with.


Those who have a Leo moon like to be extra and dramatic when expressing their emotions to others. Desires run deep, as well as their need to show off their attributes in an effort to feel confident. Although they are showy, Leo moons will remain loyal to those they love.


Virgo moon placements can be patient, kind, and a tad critical of others at times—but that is just how they show that they care. If they didn’t, then they would never waste their energy trying to help those they cherish and adore become the best versions of themselves.


The moon in Libra is all about fairness and balance. They give their all to ensure that relationships are on equal footing and are on the right track. The only thing to watch out for is that their concise and airy approach to emotions can be seen as somewhat cold.


The Scorpio moon is intense and deep, which means that it’s always brooding over an emotional situation. This lunar placement will give its all to others. However, they’ll require 100% from those they let into their lives, as they require the same amount of passion that they give in return. 


The Sagittarius moon is a free-spirited warrior who serves them well through their emotional nature. Always one to see the bright side of matters, they will only fight back when attacked. However, when they do poke back, they can push all the right emotional buttons to win an argument.


The moon’s placement in Capricorn likes to work hard for love and affection. Always ones who give their all to ensure a positive outcome, the emotionally guarded and reserved Capricorn lunar placements will always rise to the occasion when the going gets tough, not just when things are easy.


The Aquarius moon is emotionally intelligent, communicative, somewhat aloof, and humanitarian at heart, who gives their all to the world at large. They will opt to invigorate their soulful philosophies with radically new perspectives that are unique to their spirit (as well as others that are in their emotional realm).


The Pisces moon is very sensitive, intuitive, and caring in how they dictate their feelings. This lunar placement is ideal for tuning in to one’s psychic sensibilities and emotions, as it represents tender emotions and dreaminess. They require extreme care from others and certainty in how the people they love feel.