How to Use Your Moon Sign to Level Up Your Relationships, According to an Astrologer

This water sign will vet every date before committing.

In astrology, the moon is the main factor in deterring your emotions and will affect the nature of the chart. It represents your innermost emotions as well as how you nurture yourself and others. Therefore, it’s extremely important to look at when making decisions about love, relationships, and romance.

Understanding your moon sign can help you know when the moment has come to level up a budding partnership or if you should slow it down. Narayana Montufar, author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power, says “When starting to date someone, most people check their Sun sign compatibility, but the moon sign is what really matters when it comes to relating to one another… and dating…our moon sign can really help us figure out if we are moving too slow—or not fast enough.”

An Aries moon, for instance, will always move fast towards love, while a Scorpio moon will make sure that the person they’re dating is vetted thoroughly before committing to them. This is the best way to find out when your partner is ready for love, too—not just you. And, how you can evolve the situationship to a full-blown relationship.

To find your moon sign, click here. To find out when and how to level up your love life, based on your moon sign, as the resident HelloGiggles astrologer, I provide the full list below.


You crave excitement when it comes to life. This is why you’ll find that committing to someone who has the same lust for life as you do will be easier than with someone who is more reserved. When they reveal their fiery and fierce side, you’ll fall totally head over heels.


Letting people take care of you, instead of taking care of them will prove that they’re a keeper. This means allowing them to buy you soup when you’re sick and drive you to the doctor’s office for a checkup will make you swoon and fall deeply in love with them.


You’re chatty by nature, which means that you will talk nonstop on dates. However, you’ll know it’s real when you find someone who you can relax without words in their company. Nonverbal communication will draw you closer together, as opposed to talking with your boo 24/7. Enjoy the silence!


Sharing your emotions without hesitation will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship with your partner. Conversely, when your crush or S.O. chooses to let you into their hearts, you’ll find that it’s easy to step up the partnership to take it to the next level.


You can be dramatic at times, but when you’re with someone who you care about deeply, you’ll want to act super basic and demure in their company. When you let someone see the softer side of you, even by accident, that’s when you’ll know the relationship is meant to be.


You tend to often nitpick. This doesn’t make you a horrible person, but it does mean that you tend to be a little bit critical. You’ll only show this side to those you care about and see a future with. You want everyone you love to live their best life.


Let’s face facts, Libra. You tend to be a people-pleaser at times. However, when you’re in a real relationship with someone with who you actually see a future with, you’ll want to speak up and search your will to keep the partnership balanced and on the right track to longevity.


When you know you can trust your partner with anything and everything in your life, then you will take the relationship to the next level. Before that, you’ll just wait around and observe their reactions and actions from the sidelines to make sure they are the right fit for your heart.


You’re a jovial and light-hearted person, who’s always looking for a whole lot of fun and a grand party. Finding someone who will stick around through thick and thin is hard. When your S.O. shows up for both the hard and good times, it’ll prove to be true love.


When you’re alone thinking about your current situationship, you’ll judge whether or not you see a future based on the way they manage their lives. If they aren’t nice to their exes you won’t want to stay. But, if they have a good track record, you’ll feel more willing to commit.


You’re not one who easily commits to others. In fact, you often run away from relationships. However, when you see your S.O. being kind to those in need and your friends, it’ll make you think that this is someone with who you can spend a great portion of your time with.


Being intuitive means it will be easy for you to know when you can take a relationship to the next level. In fact, you may feel a certain vibe right away and know if you wish to pursue the relationship further or keep it more lighthearted.