Moon Magick 101: How to use each phase of the moon to your benefit

Ah, the moon. The modern-day muse for all mystics, witches, seers, believers, and wild women. The moon speaks to our subconscious mind, to our depths. She reminds us that both light and dark play a part in the ever-evolving nature of our soul. If you’ve felt drawn to the moon and her qualities, and you’re yearning to work more closely with her, learning about moon magick and how to work with each moon phase may be the next step in your spiritual journey.

Each phase of the moon’s journey has its own specific form of medicine. When her light is growing, or waxing, from the time of the new moon to the full moon, we focus on what we want to grow and manifest. From the full moon to the new moon, as the moon’s light shrinks or wanes, we focus on what we want to let go of and banish. This is a practice known as sympathetic magick, which is  form of magick that works by imitating a desired outcome. Sympathetic magick can be seen when people perform a rain dance to call on rain, or in the way ancient peoples would stage a fake hunt that imitated the way they hoped a real hunt would happen. When we follow each moon phase with our magick, we’re tapping into sympathetic magick.

The new moon is when we plant seeds of magical manifestation.

The new moon marks the beginning of the moon’s cycle. It’s a chance for us to start fresh, to plant seeds as we focus on what we want to grow in the next two weeks up until the full moon. This is when we have a fresh energetic slate that will allow us to focus on our new intentions. This is colored by whatever sign the moon is in, which helps her emit a specific type of energy. The new moon is also a time when we can explore our darkness, when we’re invited to learn about our spirit in its truest, most primal form.

At this time, ask yourself what you would like more of, and then make an effort to make that happen. Write a list of goals, meditate, practice yoga, start a new project, do a ritual around manifestation, and use mantras to call in whatever it is you desire. The new moon is also a time when we can banish what no longer serves us, while we let go of old habits and patterns that started to unravel during the waning moon. Take note of where you are in the moment and honor this.

The waxing quarter moon is when we check in with ourselves to make sure we’re on track.

The halfway point between the new and full moon is the first quarter moon or waxing quarter moon. At this time, we’ve already started to manifest (thanks to the new moon), and we can now check in with ourselves to see how this is going. This is also the perfect time to go on a first date, to continue fostering a new project, to try a new class, and to be honest with where you are in your progress. Are you also walking the walk and not just talking the talk? Now is the time to check! As the AstroTwins say on AstroStyle,

"Grab the baton…but no need to burst into a full-on sprint! Quarter Moons are balancers, so measured, thoughtful action is key (and haste makes waste.) The First Quarter Moon is a stellar time to map out a plan of action and take the first few steps."

Now is the time to continue on your path and make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

The full moon is the time to reap the rewards of our manifestation.

The full moon is the energetic climax of this cycle, when we really get to see our hard work pay off. It’s a time for any kind of magical or energetic work, and it’s when the moon’s light illuminates what has and hasn’t been working for us. Like with the new moon, the full moon will be colored by the energy of the sign it’s in. During this time, take a look back at what you called in during the new moon. Full moons are a time when we get real about where we are and what we need. It’s also a time when we can decide what it is that we need to let go of.

During the full moon, energy is more intense, and you may feel yourself pulled into a zone of creativity, light, celebration, and love. Honor this! The full moon is a time of heightened psychic energy, so you may be more receptive than usual — listen to your gut and follow your heart, and you’re sure to make the most of this energy. The full moon is perfect for celebrating, dancing, reflecting, and listening to your intuition. It’s also the perfect time to spend some time bathing under her rays while moon-gazing.

The waning quarter moon is when we let go of the BS.

From the full moon to the new moon, we release, release, and then release some more. The waning quarter moon or third quarter moon is when we check inventory to see what’s no longer working in our favor. This is when we start to unravel old habits, start recognizing people and things that deplete us, and move toward letting this go. Quarter moons are a time to check in and see where we stand. During the last quarter moon, this is focused on honing in on what’s no longer working in our highest favor. It’s a time of spring cleaning, honest communication, letting go of old habits, and burning pieces of paper that list these things we want to let go of. As AstroStyles explains,

"This is a time for sorting the crops, if you will. Not every pick is a keeper, so we might be shedding some things that we thought were the bees knees a week before. The good news is, without this 'dead weight' in the mix, the true gems can shine."

Remember that we’re not perfect, and it can take some time for us to really make changes. Be compassionate with yourself, and let go, little by little, as the moon does while she moves toward her new phase.

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