This Gwyneth Paltrow-approved brand is coming to Sephora

We all know that beauty comes from the inside out (and yes, while it helps to be sweet and kind, what we’re actually talking about here is your health) — when you drink a ton of water or eat lots of leafy greens, you are actively helping the appearance of your skin. Beauty and wellness have always gone hand-in-hand, so we can’t say that we’re surprised to see that Moon Juice is headed to Sephora.

The wellness craze is here to stay, and the reigning queen of wellness just so happens to be Amanda Chantal Bacon and her Moon Juice empire. Her “dusts” tout themselves to be full of health and beauty benefits, and since Sephora has been tapping into the wellness craze, it makes sense that they’d come together. Even Gwyneth Paltrow approves!

Two Moon Juice products will be available online and in 25 stores at Sephora on September 15th: Full Moon and Beauty Dust.

You’ll be able to pick up a full-sized jar of Beauty Dust or enjoy the variety of Full Moon: a sampler box with 12 packets of each Dust variety.

If you decide to go with the Full Moon sampler pack, you’ll be getting a taste of Brain, Sex, Power, Spirit, Beauty, and Dream. How could you pass that up?

You might remember that HelloGiggles’ own editorial director wrote a diet diary based on what Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon eats — it’s really intense. The brand and Amanda herself have been highly scrutinized by the medical community, with many labeling her products as pseudo-science. While we definitely have reservations about the products, we have to admit that for all the controversy, we are curious.

If you’re intrigued, picking up some Moon Juice at Sephora seems like a pretty low stakes way to check out them out.

Moon Juice claims that the “adaptogens” in Beauty Dust stimulate cellular restoration, preservation, and longevity from the stresses that cause premature aging.

If you’ve tried it, we need to hear about it. What could it possibly taste like? Is it one of those things that aren’t particularly tasty but you drink it anyway because it’s cool and good for you. So many questions that can only be answered by a trip to Sephora.

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