Montreal’s first snowfall of the season has turned into a driver’s worst nightmare

When we hear the phrase “wintry wonderland,” we tend to think of the romantic side of the cooler season, like reading in front of a fireplace or sipping hot cocoa. However, this footage of a huge Montreal car crash during the city’s first snowfall reminds of us the more nightmarish aspects of cold weather that all of those top-selling holiday songs conveniently gloss over.

For instance, there’s no yuletide tune that describes how your hate of driving intensifies when the weather changes, and we don’t recall a single holiday song that reminds us to memorize our field guide to car accidents, in the event that a city bus slides down a hill and slams into our vehicle from behind like this:

Oof. And it’s technically not even winter, so we can only how much more intense the driving conditions will become in a few weeks.

If it were up to us, we’d give everyone the winter off and let them play in the snow all day. Since adulting doesn’t work that way (like, at all), all we can say is be safe out there, everyone. Don’t let all those mushy, heartwarming Christmas carols distract you from the fact that sometimes, this jolly ol’ time of year can be a huge pain the butt.