The month you were born says surprising things about who you’ll turn out to be

When you were born reveals a fascinating fact and no, this is nothing to do with astrology. It seems the season of your birth is associated with your birth weight, height and how old you’ll be when you get your first period. More than a fun party trick (or updated take on “what’s your sign?”), this is the subject of a study out of the UK. And it’s fascinating.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge found that summer and winter are, in fact, exact opposites (seems about right). Those born in the summer months (June, July and August) had a higher mean birth weight, got their first periods later and were taller as adults. Winter babies have the exact inverse occurrence. Weird, right?

The study did not find a particular correlation to predict BMI, although that was a factor of influence that they hoped to be able to predict based on season of birth.

The study proposes a myriad of possible reasons for this, primarily material exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D makes a difference, apparently — Metro reports that “The scientists think it has something to do with pregnant mothers being exposed to more sunshine and giving their unborn babies a boost of vitamin D.”

The study had over 500,000 participants in various parts of the UK (which is a significant sample) spread over a four year period. Although the findings are definitely intriguing (and researchers certainly have a lead on the correlation between birth month and a number of different human traits), this is still only the beginning of the study. Lead researcher Dr. John Perry stated, “When you were conceived and born occurs largely ‘at random’ – it’s not affected by social class, your parents’ ages or their health – so looking for patterns with birth month is a powerful study design to identify influences of the environment before birth.”

You can read the rest of the study report right here.

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