Whoa. This ‘Monsters Inc.’ theory is the darkest and weirdest yet

Monsters Inc. is my favorite Pixar movie, and I like to think I know a whole lot about it. With that being said, no, the idea that James P. Sullivan is at some point murdered and turned into a toilet seat cover has never crossed my mind before. That is, until now, seeing as how that strange and twisted Monsters Inc. theory is out there on the Internet, and the evidence is so clear it’s hard not to believe it.

James P. Sullivan — more commonly known as Sulley — is one of the top Scarers in the monster world. Sulley is working with his best friend, Mike Wazowski, to claim that top Scarer spot for good, and in doing that, they’ve got to defeat second-place Randall. Then they’ve really got to defeat Randall when Sulley and Mike uncover a huge conspiracy plot to kidnap children from the human world and capture all their screams.

Anyway, what we’re really going to focus on here is a conversation that Randall and Sulley have. Randall is trying to talk up how “bad” humans are, and mentions that humans “skin monsters and make toilet seat covers out of their fur.” Sulley is like LOL, that’s not true, humans aren’t that bad (he’s already hiding/becoming forever besties with a tiny little human, Boo, by this point). Randall shrugs it off, and Sulley shrugs it off. In the end, Sulley saves the day, and has grown incredibly fond of Boo.

Now’s a good time to mention that there’s a theory out there that all Pixar movies are linked together and exist in the same universe. In Monsters Inc. we see some evidence that this theory is true at the very very end, when Boo returns home to her bedroom and has a Jessie doll, which connects the movie to Toy Story.

And now HOW does Sulley end up MURDERED? For the answer, let’s fastfoward a few years, in the Toy Story world, and check out the Toy Story short, Partysaurus Rex.

By this point in the Toy Story saga, the toys have moved to a new home with Bonnie, and in Partysaurus Rex we see Bonnie take a bath. As Tumblr user RantingRandall has now pointed out to us, there’s something very familiar about this bathroom. What’s that on the toilet seat? That can’t be… NO. It’s not… Sulley? As a toilet seat cover??

SAY THIS ISN’T SO. Was Randall speaking the truth? Did Sulley get a little too careless with his visits to Boo, and did the humans who caught him skin him for his fur and make a bathroom decoration? Oh dear, I like the idea that all the Pixar movies are connected, but maybe not like this.

RantingRandall writes, “It’s synthetic… I hope.” I hope so, too.

(Images via Pixar.)

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