Hasbro just released “Monopoly for Millennials,” and it’s kind of offensive

Millennials have long been the butt of jokes and mean-spirited criticism from certain corners of society (cough…Baby Boomers). Whether it’s poking fun at our penchant for avocado toast, or just accusing us of general laziness, it’s always something. And now we apparently can’t even play board games in peace, because Hasbro has released “Monopoly for Millennials”…which can more accurately be described as “Monopoly that makes fun of millennials.”

According to Mashable, players don’t buy property in this new specialty edition—they buy experiences, like “going to the Vegan Bistro or crashing on their Friend’s Couch,” and you win by racking up the most experiences. Noticeably absent from those experiences? Things like student loans, insane health insurance deductibles, or graduating from college in the middle of a massive recession that millennials literally had nothing to do with but that will affect their earnings for life.

And Twitter isn’t pleased.


Monopoly for Millennials is available online and at various retailers (you can buy it at Walmart for $19.82). But we think we’ll stick to Monopoly classic, because #sorrynotsorry.

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