Monopoly just changed something huge and now our childhoods are shattered

Soon, the days of counting out Monopoly money (and hoarding Monopoly money) might soon be over. Hasbro is revamping the classic board game, and adding in what is basically the equivalent of a credit card. Which means that, once again, we can look at the younger generation and think, “They have it so easy.”

This new redesign is part of an effort to actually get these youngins to play, because let’s be real, figuring out that colored money can be a chore. You either want to be the banker (so you can cheat) or you want nothing to do with being the banker, because counting money is hard. And then trying to figure out who gets paid what, and it happens every game turn? No thanks.

This new version, called Monopoly Ultimate Banking, is played mostly like the classic game, except that now, players will swipe cards into a battery-powered little ATM machines, which will keep track of the numbers for everyone. That’s how you’ll pay all money — both to the bank and to other players. No cash will exchange hands at all; it’s all computerized! In addition to simplifying the math involved, this update could also help eliminate most Monopoly-inspired fights, because there’s no more worry about the banker cheating.

Monopoly Ultimate Banking will be available this fall for around $25. No word yet on what you’ll use as a credit card for the Star Wars Monopoly game, now featuring Rey. Maybe you’ll get to pay with those little green-food portions. Probably not, but that’s a cool idea if Monopoly is taking suggestions.