Just a bunch of monkeys who are ready for their close-ups

This post was written by Mary Dennis on The Dodo.

1. This Yunnan snub-nosed monkey woke up with a photo-ready face like this.

(Angry Pangolin)

2. This douc langor monkey woke up with salon perfect ombre highlights. Every. Day.

(Flickr: Art G.)

3. This golden lion tamarin hasn’t even finished breakfast yet. Already fabulous.

(Flickr: jinterwas)

4. Punk rock isn’t dead. Punk rock is a red colobus monkey.

(Flickr: Olivier Lejade)

5. Maybe she’s born with it … maybe it’s mandrill sheen.

(Flickr: Lil Shepherd)

6. “Hispters, don’t hate me cuz you ain’t me.” This black-chinned emperor tamarin has a better mustache than all of Brooklyn combined.


7. The all-black ensemble with shocking white locks look? Lady Gaga didn’t come up with that. She bit it straight from this black and white colobus monkey.

(Flickr: Mark Dumont)

8. These night monkeys do not care about your fresh-faced beauty secrets. It’s not really an issue … when you woke up like this.


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