Monica Lewinsky is taking her anti-bullying activism to the next level

Monica Lewinsky, could you be any more awesome? The White House intern turned anti-bullying activist won our hearts when she took to Vanity Fair after years of silence to share her personal story of public shaming, and then turned her experience into an empowering anti-bullying message with her inspiring TED Talk. Now Lewinsky is going a step further in her work to end bullying, by joining Bystander Revolution as a strategic advisor.

Bystander Revolution is a web-based organization designed to empower people to address bullying. The site shares advice, student-made videos and talks about bullying and cyber-harassment. The goal is to provide people with the tools to handle bullying when they see it, and encourage active participation in putting an end to bullying both in life and online.

It’s something Lewinsky is very much behind following years of being the target of cruel punchlines and takedowns in the media. After being launched into the public eye during the Bill Clinton impeachment scandal of the 1990s, Lewinsky’s public persona was defined by others … and it was rarely a kind or fair characterization. But now, Lewinsky has put herself in the spotlight to redefine herself and help those who feel victimized by bullying in the very public sphere of the Internet.

“Often being publicly ridiculed or witnessing someone else being ridiculed can push us into silence,” Lewinsky told People in an exclusive statement. “Many of us find ourselves as targets or bystanders in the online world of cyber bullying and digital harassment and we freeze.

“By stepping into compassion for both ourselves and others, we can begin to shift the culture. I’m passionate about joining forces with Bystander Revolution because their mission is to help people see all the ways they can be empowered to take that small, but impactful, step.”

We can’t wait to see what Lewinsky does in her new role, and we love that she’s turned a negative public image into a teachable moment for others. It takes so much strength to stand up to years of ridicule, but she’s proving that it’s possible to turn personal trauma into a positive movement. Keep fighting the good fight, Monica! We are so glad you’re speaking up and speaking out against bullying!

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