Why I want to be Monica Geller when I grow up

For many people, the highlight of the show Friends is the on-and-off relationship between Ross and Rachel. Others enjoy Phoebe’s eccentricity, which never fails to catch viewers off guard. (Remember the thumb in the soda?) Maybe your personal favorites are the J-man and Channy, whose adorable antics make you wish you lived in the day and age when you could get trapped in an ATM vestibule. Gum would be perfection.

I love and adore all of the Friends characters, and each has brought me laughter and taught me lessons throughout the ten seasons. However, after rerun after rerun, I have to say that I strive to be most like Monica. Yes, she has 11 types of towels, she never lets Ross win a football game, and she places her marshmallows in a concentric manner, but all of these tiny facts make Monica the amazing, quirky individual that she is. Here are a few reasons why I look up to Monica.

She looks for excuses to clean

This is probably only important to me because I love to vacuum, but Monica’s borderline obsessive habit of cleaning is great. I mean, how lucky are Rachel and Phoebe that whenever they need to pack or clean, they have a personal helper who will take over once prompted? That’s true friendship. On a serious note, Monica is willing to make the effort to make her living environment the best that she can, with perpetually fluffed up pillows and her ottoman exactly where she wants it. We all know that a decluttered living space means a decluttered life, and she inspires me to be more mindful of my cleanliness.

Her relationship with her brother is solid 

Most of the people I know who have brothers haven’t made dance routines together. They also don’t hang out all the time or feel comfortable wrestling with each other when they’re in the 20s. Similarly, they don’t quote TV show lines one after another. If any of this rings true in your own life, hats off, because these are all signs of an unshakable sibling relationship. Monica and Ross might not have liked each other that much when they were young, but they’ve come a long way from the days of injuring each other during football games and now have a great friendship. Their ability to overcome all their childhood fights and end up as two great friends instead is admirable.

She’s competitive, and it’s awesome

Monica could easily appear on the famous “We can do it!” poster, and I wouldn’t even notice a difference. Is it scary when she throws plates around during a game of Pictionary? Yes. Is it intimidating how strategic she gets during even a game of not letting the ball drop? Of course. Monica might be a little frighteningly competitive, but her drive is what makes her such an awesome individual. When someone stands in the way of what she wants, she will do anything in her power to make it happen—and usually, she succeeds. When she falls down, she gets right back up, without any bruises to show for it. With an endless supply of optimism and motivation, Monica will never let go of her goals, because she believes in herself and knows she can do anything if she puts her mind to it.

She is the most loving partner

Chandler goes through some rough patches during his marriage with Monica. From facing unemployment to trying to help Phoebe and Mike (OK, some patches are rougher than others), Chandler could never do it without his encouraging wife by his side the whole time. When Chandler takes an internship to pursue his interests, Monica steps up and vows to make things work financially. Even before they were officially together, Monica inspired Chandler to exercise more and turn his life around. Monica makes him a better person; She’s encouraging, she has his back, but she also doesn’t let him get away with everything.

Overall, while I love all the characters on Friends, Monica inspires me the most. Her tenacity is incomparable, she is an amazing sister and wife, and her organizational skills are on point. And let’s be honest. 11 types of towels? Apartment goals!

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