Monday’s supermoon will help us cater to the Taurus within our souls

At this point, we feel like that one kid in elementary school who loved reptiles so much that he couldn’t stop talking about “everything reptiles.” Now, we can’t stop talking about “everything supermoon.” We’re just so freaking excited and we want you to know everything about it. For example, did you know that the full moon is going to be residing in Taurus? That means those of us who have Taurus energies can use the supermoon to our benefit. How cool is that?

If you’re unsure whether or not you have these Taurus energies, try creating a birth chart to see if and where Taurus resides in your horoscope. From there, you can figure out how best to use the November 14th supermoon to better yourself, with the astronomy tips below of course.

Annie Martens, the brain behind Cosmic Kundalini — a bi-monthly newsletter aimed at guiding recipients through lunar astrology, balancing chakras, and staying present within one’s mind, body, and spirit — thoroughly explains the benefits of a Taurus Full Moon.

“Taurus energy is fixed and stubborn,” Martens writes. “For those that have Taurus energy, it can be easy to disregard change or even fear it.” She continues that, during the next few days surrounding the supermoon, it’s important to figure out what necessary change you are resisting. Martens explains, “It may be blatantly obvious, but look closer: there may be many subtle aspects of your life you are finding yourself rigidly stuck in.” Use the supermoon energies to break free of that rut.

“Ride the wave of change,” and experience it’s highs and lows. It might not be easy or fun, but you’ll learn a lot about yourself in the process.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of desire and seduction. During the Taurus supermoon, weigh your intangible values against the tangible. Martens advises us to “take a close look at your attachments and be careful not to become over-taken by physical pleasure or material comfort, as Taurus so deeply values.” Taurus is a grounded, earthy sign. Therefore, tangible, material things are important to those residing under the sign.

But, as stated earlier, now is the time to embrace change and “learn to let go of what is no longer serving you,” Martens says.

Martens and Larry Schwimmer of Elephant Journal agree that the Taurus supermoon invites us to celebrate love. “Under the Taurus moon we feel warm-hearted and affectionate,” Schwimmer writes. “We are in this space where we love to love.”

Taurus enjoys having commitment and emotional stability within any relationship – romantic, friendly. or familial. With romantic partners, Taurus is sensual and passionate, and as Schwimmer states, “A Taurus Full Moon is made for those who love sensuously and those who want to be loved that way, too.”

While keeping all of this advice in mind, stay relaxed. Cosmic Kundalini offers a meditation that helps bring ease into your life, while letting anger dissipate. Choose to stay grounded and in charge of your emotions and decisions during the Taurus Full Moon. Do some soul searching to figure out how you can step outside your comfort zone to invite positive change.

In these next five days, consciously appreciate nature, your loved ones, and yourself. Reaping the astrological benefits of the supermoon will last you through the end of Scorpio Season and beyond.

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