Your playlist for conquering the week like a boss

Yep, it’s been confirmed: Time is just an unforgiving conveyor belt that just sort of shoves you into the present. But rather than living for the weekends, why don’t we live for Monday? I’m fully aware of how awful that sounds. So, here — better yet, let’s get rid of all the faux positivity and just turn up the damn music.

These songs might not make the work week go away, but it’ll make it that much more bearable. I promise.

Mark Ronson – “Uptown Funk” feat. Bruno Mars

Slap your Monday morning in the face with this funky tune. I dare you not to shimmy your shoulders to this. If you don’t, the sanctity of your soul will most certainly be questioned.

OK Go – “White Knuckles”

This is song and video were made to make you happy. Who doesn’t love an upbeat song over the visuals of highly trained agility dogs? If a little dog/human choreography can’t satisfy you, go ahead and check out the outtakes.

Flight Facilities – “I Didn’t Believe” feat. Elizabeth Rose

This groovy beat is sure to get you wiggling in your seat (Sorry, just spittin’ some rhymes). “I Didn’t Believe” may compel you to shut the door and have yourself a disco party. Super-70s is very much the antithesis of Monday morning, wouldn’t you agree?

Sheila E. – “The Glamorous Life”

Aah, yes — old reliable. “Glamorous Life” is sure to pump you up with a goodness that only the ’80s can provide. You may even feel the need to apply a layer of dark red lipstick. Psssh, what’s a Monday?

Classixx – “Holding On”

“Holding On” is the perfect combination of ’70s groove and modern dance. If you’re sitting, I dare you not to shake your thigh to this. If you’re standing, please give yourself permission to dance and make as many faces as you need.

The Cure – “Just Like Heaven”

The Mondays cannot be beaten without at least one sing-along song. And who doesn’t love singing along to The Cure? On a somewhat unrelated note: It seems as if Robert Smith was on the same page as us when he wrong “Friday, I’m in Love”. ’80s Goth for the win.

Cake – “Short Skirt/Long Jacket”

If this song doesn’t put you in a good mood, I recommend watching the music video. The only thing more infectious than that beat are the peoples’ reactions to the song.

Falty DL – “She Sleeps” feat. Ed Macfarlane

This song is as ethereal as it is uplifting. Listening to it is like watching all things sunshine-y and happy happen right before your eyes (i.e. puppies running in slow motion, flowers falling from the sky, endless weekends). You catch my drift.

ILoveMakonnen – “Tuesday” feat. Drake

If Monday isn’t something you’re looking forward to, maybe the prospect of Tuesday will help you power through. Club’s goin’ up, after all.

(Image via Shutterstock)