A guide to the emotional roller-coaster known as Monday

Nothing quite compares to the hell-raising sound of an alarm clock on a Monday morning. The coffee feels so far away, everything that’s not made of bed material seems cold and heartless, and forget about getting dressed. The weekend is in the past and in the very far-off future at the same time, and for most of us, all that lies ahead is work. Five long days of work.

You know what helps? Remembering we’re in this thing together. You, me and all the Internet GIFs that perfectly explain how we feel—and how we survive—this weekly moment of pure annoyance.

Waking up and realizing what day it is? The worst. Cry it out. It’s okay because we’re all doing it.

Or, just refuse to see Monday at all. Denial is a pretty great way to live.

Once leaving your cave, reality can be confusing. Let it digest before operating heavy machinery.

Monday rage is the first stage you will go through. This is a normal part of the process.

The second is depression and can be cured by surfing the web for something humorous and completely random.

The third stage is slight delirium. Just go with it.

Mid-morning coffee break may lead to more sarcasm than usual. Others should approach with caution.

Once the caffeine sets in, you may find yourself feeling somewhat happy and more social. Lunch break? Holla!

Back to the grind, post-freedom. This can eventually feel upsetting after realizing you still have many hours left in the day.

Now that Monday just keeps going, this will be you. Pretty much until Tuesday. At this point, there’s nothing else you can do but go with it.

Monday is over (until next week)! You made it! But you might not feel like celebrating. It’s OK. This part of the process is acceptance and it means you’re officially ready for Tuesday. Let’s just hope she’s more forgiving.

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