Watching these moms tell their daughters about the moment they were conceived is possibly the best thing we’ve ever seen

Super awkward question of the day: Have you ever wondered how and where you were conceived by your parents? (We told you it was awkward). Maybe it was in a nice king-sized bed at home, or on the kitchen table, or on a rocking chair, or the back seat of a pickup…? Well, we don’t have the answer to that (it would be pretty creepy if we did), but we did stumble upon a video of women getting the answer from their moms.

Yep. You can watch mothers tell their daughters about their conception moment in this amazingly genius video from Cosmo.

It’s lovably uncomfortable, and very special. The moms don’t go into too much detail, but just enough to paint a hilarious picture in our hearts and minds…sigh.

"It was kind of like a, 'okay, we probably have like 5 minutes. So let's just do this and make a baby.'

Okay, that may officially be the best quote of the year. From anybody, anywhere.

And let’s not forget the whole back seat of the car thing, because, wow. What an origin story!

Even though this is information you don’t expect to ever get from your parents, we LOVE how honest these moms were with their daughters. Because this stuff — as awkward as it is — shouldn’t be taboo.

Just like periods, pregnancy, and sex-lives, stories of being conceived can be out in the open! There’s no shame in sharing intimate things with people you’re comfortable with. Because at the end of the day, it’s natural! Oh, and, hilarious.

H/T: Cosmopolitan

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