Mommy blogger Constance Hall gets real about how moms and dads get praised differently

When it comes to double standards, it seems like women never quite catch a break. Even when parenting is involved, it’s easy to feel like a mother’s every move is criticized and that the standards are higher for mothers than for fathers. Of course, this goes back to our society’s understanding of gender roles and the expectations we have for women to be perfect child-rearers, while men are called upon to be career – not family – focused.

The perfect example involves mommy blogger Constance Hall, who experienced some serious sexism and made a pretty epic call-out on Instagram.

We have to say, we’re loving her honesty.

Constance goes into detail to describe the way her husband was praised for making the same exact decision she made, in the same exact location, no less. As she describes in the caption of her photo:

“I am used to being scrutinised for jobs that my husband is praised for.”

Isn’t that so frustrating? The blogger takes care, too, to point out that fathers absolutely deserve praise – but so do mothers. This is an important reminder to not take mothers for granted. Just because one sees a woman with a child out in public, that doesn’t give onlookers permission to judge her based on what they think a mother should or shouldn’t be doing to care for their child.

The moral of the story: Praise good parents for being good parents as they work to do the best they can with what they’ve been given – regardless of their gender identity or sex.

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