This mom’s accidental selfie with Nick Jonas is hilarious

Talk about next-level FOMO.

When 18-year-old Presley Peterson couldn’t join her parents and friends on a family vacation in Hawaii, her mom, Cheryl Potts, made sure to send lots of pictures of the tropical trip.

The scenery wasn’t the only thing that had Peterson feeling left out, though.

In one selfie that Potts sent, Peterson realized that her mom was sitting only few feet away from Nick Jonas, global heartthrob and human six-pack.

Peterson, who is a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers, was stunned to see her mom’s selfie. She checked the singer’s social media accounts and confirmed that Nick Jonas was indeed on the island.   false

Potts apparently had no idea she was sitting so close to an international superstar, and (in a total mom-move) said she thought Jonas “looked like a friend of her son.”

Peterson shared her discovery on Twitter, along with a couple of her old tweets as proof of her long love for the JoBros.

She also added that Nick had ordered an omelet and a salad. false false

The tweet blew up in no time, getting over 9,800 likes and 5,900 retweets.

“It was fun at first… Then it got annoying because I couldn’t use my Twitter because of the notifications,” Peterson told Buzzfeed News.

While we’re sorry Peterson missed out on meeting her celebrity crush, we’re so grateful for her and her mom for sharing their hilarious story! 

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