This mommy blogger gets real about the self body-shaming that sometimes happens when we shop

Constance Hall is a popular blogger who has always been very relatable and frank when it comes to the highs and lows of parenthood and learning to love herself in her new role. In her latest share, as reported by Mic, Hall tackled body-shaming, a topic she’s covered before when others had put their own judgement on her body, but this time was different.

“Went shopping for a new dress, was happily browsing the racks when the shop assistant says, ‘Sorry darling those racks are size 6s and 8s only, the other racks will be better for you,’” Hall wrote in a Facebook post. “Hiding my offense I replied, ‘That’s cool. I AM a size 6.’”

“And that’s when we shared one of those awkward moments, the ones where she knows I’m lying, I know that she knows that I’m lying, she knows that I know that she knows that I’m lying… And I grabbed a size 6 dress to try on..”

And it didn’t fit, just like she knew it wouldn’t and she realized something: The shop assistant didn’t body-shame her, she body-shamed herself.

“She wasn’t body shaming my delicious #mummob she was being practical, it was ME who body shamed myself by taking offense!!!!!!” she wrote.

Her post resonated with others who struggle with their body after baby and has been shared over 4,300 times and filled with nearly 2,500 comments thanking Hall for sharing her story and sharing their own.

“I don’t care about sizes anymore. I feel beautiful and accept my baby body. I find clothes that make me feel comfortable and beautiful in,” one person wrote in the comment section of Hall’s post.

Hall left her fans with an important lesson she learned from the experience and it’s exactly a perfect reminder for all of us.

“Today was a reminder that NO dress sizes are BETTER then any OTHER,” Hall writes. “It’s YOUR BODY. You only have ONE. Love it.”

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