The moment a kid finds out he’s going to Disney World = Best Moment Ever

I can’t wait to have kids one day and surprise them with a trip to Disney World. It’s something my parents used to do to my sisters and I all the time, but back in my childhood there were no smartphones to record my reaction (which was full of tears and laughter). Thankfully, nowadays capturing video is an easy thing, and that means parents have the ability to record the exact moment their youngins learn they’re heading to the Happiest Place On Earth.

Brian Curtin and his wife recently surprised their two children with a trip to Disney World. After having the kids dismissed early from school, mom starts giving them options for afternoon activities. Do they want to go to play laser tag, or go to Sky Zone? How about scratch both of those ideas, because mom’s got something else up her sleeve.

She hands the oldest child, Sean, a box which he rips open to find Disney’s Magic Bands inside (Magic Bands, Disney’s newest technology, hold all your park tickets and FastPasses in one place, so props to this kid for knowing what the box meant).

Sean immediately bursts into tears at the news, and reaches over to give mom a big hug. The video ends with mom explaining that the car’s already packed with suitcases, and they’re headed to Disney right now. You can check out the full video below, but be warned, you might cry happy Disney tears, too.

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