This may be the moment when Khloé reveals she’s pregnant on “KUWTK”

We’ve been strung along about the whole Kardashian-Jenner pregnancy thing for months. But the trailer for the second half of the current KUWTK season — premiering in January — is here, and we may actually have footage of the moment Khloé announces she’s pregnant. For real, people.

Hear us out.

Firstly, the trailer shows a scene from what looks like a medium-sized gathering in which only Khloe’s nearest and dearest are in attendance. This includes her mom, her siblings, her closest friends, and BF Tristan Thompson’s mom (who, as BuzzFeed points out, lives in Canada). So something big certainly seems afoot.

We then see the entire group gasp after hearing what we can only assume was shocking news. We also hear excited cries of, “No!”, “Oh my God!”, and “Are you kidding me?!” Both Kourtney and several of Khloé’s best friends have happy tears in their eyes, and Khloé — looking content, but not surprised — gives them hugs.

Plus, there's a quick clip of Kim asking mom Kris, "Did you not know?" to which Kris (who also has tears in her eyes) says, "No!"

Here’s the full trailer:

Basically, the whole scenario screams “baby announcement.” However, the Kardashian-Jenner clan are masters at suspense and always keep us guessing, so there’s of course a chance this is all just misdirection. Perhaps it was actually surprise engagement news. Or something else entirely that we haven’t even considered.

As always, we’ll just have to wait and see on this one. Counting down the days until January 7th, and praying for answers.

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