This is what kind of mom you’ll be, according to your zodiac sign

It’s that time of year when we get to show appreciation to the women who raised us (although, honestly, that should be all year round). May 13th, Mother’s Day, gives us an excuse to give the moms and mother figures in our lives an extra dose of gratitude. I mean, just think of what they not only do for us, but for the world as a whole. Moms rule the world — moms of every shape, size, and zodiac sign.

While Mother’s Day is about all the mamas out there, it might also get you thinking about what motherhood means to you. Specifically, if you end up deciding to have a child, what kind of mom will you be? In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re asking the stars to find out more about your parenting style — according to your zodiac sign.


The Artsy Mom 

Your kid’s playroom? More like art/hatha yoga/self-exploration room. When it comes to your parenting style, there are no rules. After all, who needs a guidebook when you have the almighty Universe on your side? You want your kid to simply be, to learn and grow free from societal expectations and pesky boundaries. By the time they turn 1, your son or daughter will be able to teach their own guided meditation class while simultaneously finger-painting a piece that explores the relationship between feminism and capitalism. You do you.


The Boss

You’re not bossy, you’re the boss. That’s exactly what you tell yourself when it comes to parenting. Though you want your kid to experience the world on their own terms, you also want the best for them. And honestly, who knows better than you do? After spending the entirety of your life striving for more and learning important lessons along the way, you have a sea of knowledge to bestow upon your kid — whether they like it or not. Why? Because you said so.


The Collector

The moment you found out you were expecting was the moment you discovered Amazon Prime. You had your to-do list prepped, your nursery blueprint ready, and of course, you also had your baby shower wish list on lock. As someone who appreciates the more ~extra~ things in life, you want your kid to have it all. Yes, that might mean you have a wipe warmer in every room of the house. And yes, that might mean you have enough baby clothes to stock an entire department store. So what? If they call you a hoarder, just tell them you’re nesting.


The Over-thinker 

We’d like to take this opportunity to tell you that you should take a deep breath. Done? Okay, good. We know that parenting can be stressful, but you’ve got this. In those moments when you think of every possible thing that could go wrong, take a moment to be mindful. Appreciate what is happening in the moment. Remind yourself that you know what you’re doing. After all, you did read every book you could get your hands on while Googling every baby-related question imaginable. Now that your child is here, take the time to teach them all you know.


The Cringer 

Kids make mistakes. They fall down and scrape their knees. They touch the stove because they don’t yet know what it means when the stove is on. You know this firsthand because you feel everything your kid feels. You always knew you were empathetic, but you had no idea just how empathetic you could be until your kid came along. Now, you not only feel your own emotions (which are enough), but you feel your child’s too. If they’re embarrassed, so are you. If they feel sad, it’s like you’re walking around with a dark cloud overhead. But when they’re happy? The sun couldn’t shine brighter.


The Stage Mom 

Your kid has potential and there is no way you’re going to let them waste it. Yes, every parent says that their child is the best, but you know that your kid is the BEST. When you found out you were expecting, you had their prestigious preschool application prepared within the hour. And right now, your computer is full of tabs featuring every extracurricular activity within a 20-mile radius. Thankfully, you remembered to put a video camera on your baby shower registry, because you’ll be damned if you don’t capture every moment of your prodigy’s life.


The Human Planner 

Having a kid was no surprise to you. When you made the decision to become a mom (and it was a decision made with careful consideration and planning), you already had the birthing plan ready, the adoption to-do list prepped, and made sure you knew the ins and outs of the foster care system. If you’re going to have a kid, why not be as prepared as possible, right? As a mom, you’re basically a human agenda complete with comprehensive lists, notes, and a schedule down to the minute. Though people remind you that you can’t prepare for everything, you pay them no mind (that kind of talk doesn’t fit into your schedule).


The Negotiator 

You’re at your best when everything is balanced and in its rightful place, which yes, means you like things a certain way. However, you’re not the type to argue to make your dream a reality. When your kid isn’t behaving, your voice remains calm as you discuss their feelings with them. This is a negotiation, not a protestation. You want your kid to understand the importance of rules as they learn that yes, they must clean up their toys after playtime — not only because it keeps your living space zen, but because it helps them learn the value of what they have.


The Bad Cop

Let’s be honest — you weren’t exactly easy to deal with when you were growing up. That’s because you are a force to be reckoned with. You’re the type of parent who cannot have the wool pulled over your eyes because, well, you’ve seen it all. This leaves you hoping that your kid won’t follow in your footsteps, so you’re doing the best you can to protect them from the world’s evils. As much as you hate to admit it, you are the bad cop in this scenario. You’re not afraid to say no because you know what could happen.


The Mommy Blogger

The birth of your child marked the birth of your domain name. Though having a child is all-encompassing, you sure as heck won’t let motherhood take your freedom. You’re going to continue doing what you’ve been doing — the only difference is that your kid will be along for the ride. That trip to India? It’s still happening, just with an extra plane ticket and your blog audience along for the ride. Maintaining your own website about motherhood helps you retain your individuality. While it is extra work, it’s totally worth it.


The Traditionalist 

Your friends keep recommending books on modern parenting, but you’re not interested. Why fix what’s not broken? As a mom, you’re going to emulate those who raised you. You value tradition and stability, and you want your kid to have both in their life. They will work hard, respect their elders, learn from their mistakes, and value everything you’ve given them. When you have an opportunity to teach them a lesson, you take it. These are some pretty classic rules for a classic parent such as yourself.


The Rebel 

Screw the parenting books, the instructional blogs, “the rules.” If you’re going to be a parent, you’re going to be your own kind of parent. While you take the time to listen to the advice of others, you also take it with a grain of salt. Being a mom is something you don’t take for granted and you want to experience it fully, on your own terms. Your friends and family may see you as the unconventional parent, but you don’t have time for their criticisms. You’re too busy teaching your kid about the power of dissent.

May your experience with motherhood be as special as your zodiac sign.

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