This woman wins Mom of the Year award for her response to her daughter’s failing math grade

Moms have been around since the dawn of time but they still manage to surprise us with their heroism. For example, when high schooler Hannah Cho told her mom she failed her test, she was met with an encouraging, supportive, very mom-like response that taught us all an important lesson about what it means to succeed in this world.

After Hannah spent hours on end studying for a math test in pursuit of a perfect score, she was disappointed to find out she received a B. She told Buzzfeed about her experience, saying, “My ultimate goal was to get the perfect GPA, a 4.0, so getting a B for me personally was unacceptable.” When she Snapchatted a photo of her grade to her mom (yes, her mom is super cool and uses Snapchat), she was floored by the positive message her mom sent back.

"I dont care if you fail your math test ... I don't care if you dont get accepted to Standford ... I care if you cry ... I care if you are stressed ... I care if you are unhappy," Hannah's mom wrote.

Excuse us while we grab a few tissues. Hannah’s mom wasn’t about to stress over her daughter’s math test grade, and she certainly didn’t want her daughter to stress about it either. At one point, her mom even wrote, “I care when you get hungry even if you get hungry every 2 hours.”

“Even failing a test like this, my mom encouraged me with her positivity to try my hardest in school,” Hannah said. She wanted to share the compassion on Twitter — and it spread like wildfire. 14,000 people have liked it, and over 4,000 people have retweeted it.

People were blown away by how chill Hannah’s mom is.

Hannah also told Buzzfeed that she was happy to see Asian stereotypes being broken down by this awesome display of momness. “Not all Asian parents are strict and demanding,” she reminded the world. “My mom is the most wonderful role model I could ever ask for. She is the most powerful influence in my life and continues to love me unconditionally.”

We’d like to grant Hannah’s mom with the Mom of the Year award now, please.

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