This mom wrote a letter about how a Sephora employee changed her daughter’s life

Bullying is an incredibly insidious force. It can rob of us of our confidence and self-love, and all too often it makes beautiful, talented people feel like they are somehow not worthy. Which is why we are literally cheering after reading this one mom’s open letter about how a Sephora employee changed her teenager daughter’s life.

In a Facebook post, this one Ontario mom wrote,

"My daughter is 15 years old is having a very hard time with her self-esteem. She has been relentlessly ridiculed by many of the "young ladies" (trying to be delicate with my wording) she now goes to school with — they pick on her for her clothing, her skin, her voice, her hair, her eyebrows, the list goes on. It breaks my heart to say that this bullying has convinced my beautiful daughter that she is ugly, and her formerly outgoing and peppy personality has dimmed.

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HOWEVER, the mother then described a recent trip to Sephora in which a petite, blonde sales woman (who, “from the outside [would be] the type of girls who pick on my daughter”) helped them out.

"I feel as though she somehow caught onto my daughters struggles with self-esteem during our conversation, and she went above and beyond to make her feel comfortable in her own skin.

“She pointed out the areas that my daughter has been most insecure about lately (like her full brows, her curly hair…the things I’ve been trying to convince her not to change about herself) and expressed how beautiful she thought they were. […] She took the time to truly relate to my daughter. They talked about what had been going on at school, self-confidence, what truly makes a person beautiful, and how makeup is just something to enhance your natural beauty.”

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The mom noted how she saw her daughter laugh and get silly for the first time in literally months, and that the positive effects from this seemingly small moment lasted well after they left the store.

"It's crazy how a 20 minute interaction can make such an impact," she wrote.

It’s honestly hard to express all the many things we love about this post. But we’ll start with the fact that it’s such an important reminder that small, seemingly insignificant acts of kindness can make a HUGE difference, and also, that there is still a ton of good in this world (we unfortunately just mostly hear about the bad stuff).

Thanks for sharing, mom from Ontario. And to that Sephora employee — KEEP BEING YOU, GIRL! Because it makes a difference.

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