This mother gave her daughter the most touching wedding gift

Are you ready to feel some heart feelings? Well you better get ready.

Back in 1994 Sherry and Craig Blackledge adopted a baby girl named Brooke. When Brooke was 18-months-old Sherry sat down and wrote her a letter to tell her how much she loved her, a letter that she decided she would give to Brooke on her wedding day.

Fast forward to 2015 and Brooke’s wedding day arrived. Sherry had the heartfelt letter printed on a piece of her wedding dress, and then gave her beloved daughter the very special gift. Luckily the wedding’s videographers, The Film Poets, were on hand to capture this heartwarming moment unfold.

As Sherry says in the video: “Being adopted, I wanted her to know how much I loved her. And I thought it would be extremely precious when she opened it up and read it on her wedding day.”

Brooke described the experience of opening the letter to the Huffington Post: “There isn’t a word for the emotion I was feeling at this point. If someone could come up with a word that encompassed excited, humbled, speechless, joyful, shocked and genuinely loved, then that would be the word to use.”

Here’s what the letter said:

Newlyweds Brooke and Tyler are now expecting their own miracle in January of 2016. They plan to uphold this new family tradition of writing letters to save — the young couple has already started writing letters to their baby! Brooke explains in an interview with the Huffington Post, “My mom’s letter has sparked the idea to go ahead and begin writing our baby letters to give him or her on their wedding day.” Brooke said. We are sure a letter like hers would give any child a lot of joy.

What a beautiful tradition. We might be stealing that one for our own use, just as soon as we dry our eyes.

Watch it all unfold in this sob-worthy video.

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[Images via YouTube. You can view more photos from the fairytale Mississippi wedding here.]

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