Modern “Mom” tattoos we’re completely obsessed with

Mother’s Day is just days away, which means half of the world’s population is excitedly waiting to hand over the perfect Mother’s Day gift that they’ve been holding onto for months while the other half is scrambling for gift ideas (luckily, we’ve got you covered). While you could always opt for the handmade gift option, there is another, more permanent option available: a tattoo.

Now, you may be thinking, “You’re crazy, no one actually gets Mom tattoos anymore,” but they do—and they’re wonderful. Gone are the days of scroll-written “mom” hearts. Instead, they’ve been replaced by gorgeous, creative tributes that are as unique as the women they pay homage to. Of course, we’re not saying your mom definitely wants you to go get inked for Mother’s Day. But we are saying, there are a million ways to show your love—and some of those ways just happen to be with permanent ink. For proof, check out these incredibly artistic and thoughtful tribute tats.

Heart and Key (Mother/Daughter) Tattoo via BuzzFeed

Simplistic Hugging Design via LuckySnoho

Watercolor Tattoo via Benkel168

Tree of Life Tattoo via T_Dar3

Oxytocin Tattoo via Tumblr/The Chocolate Brigade.

Needle Tattoo via InkedMag

Coffee Mug Tattoo via Leslie Karen

Clever Mom Mug Tattoo via Chapa8

Crown Tattoo via InkedWeddings

Mom Soundwave Tattoo via InkedWeddings

Handwriting Tattoo via

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