This mom was surprised with an honorary degree after attending every class with her quadriplegic son

In “restoring our faith in humanity” news, this California mom was recently surprised with an honorary MBA at her son’s graduation. Judy O’Connor attended Chapman University graduation with her son, Marty, who was receiving his Masters in Business Administration.

Judy served as a caregiver and note-taker for Marty, a quadriplegic, in every single one of his MBA classes for the last two years. As the two walked across the stage to accept Marty’s diploma, the 29-year-old graduate and Chapman University had a special surprise for Judy: an honorary MBA of her own.

In a moving speech, which was posted to Facebook, the school honored the surprised Judy.

A lifelong learner, Judy spent most of her career as an elementary school teacher before retiring to Florida. After Marty became paralyzed after a fall in 2012, Judy relocated to California to assist in his care. For the last two years, she’s assisted Marty so he wanted to thank her with this very special surprise.

“We now have a special individual who the faculty, the administration, and the board of trustees have decided to honor with an honorary MBA degree,” an administrative official said over the loudspeaker, in tears. “Mrs. Judith O’Connor has attended all the classes with her son, Marty, who just received his MBA. She has taken notes and worked with Marty throughout his academic career. At the suggestion of her son, and with the support of all the relevant bodies we are honored to award an honorary MBA to Mrs. O’Connor.”

News like this is so heartwarming. Congrats Marty and Judy on your new degrees!